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The DCH Health System is pleased to give area businesses the opportunity to offer discounts to its more than 4,000 employees. If approved, your discount will be listed for at least a week on the homepage of Monitor, DCH’s intranet. Your discount will also be featured on a list of employee discounts in a special file on DCH’s intranet, and this discount list is promoted throughout the year. Almost all DCH employees see the homepage of the intranet, and most employees have access to the computer system in which the employee discount file is located.

The following guidelines apply to businesses that would like to offer discounts to DCH Health System employees:


  1. The discount must be one that is not available to the general public.

  2. The discount must apply to all DCH employees.

  3. The discount must be open ended; we will not post time-limited discounts.

  4. A DCH employee must be able to activate the discount by showing his or her identification badge. We will not distribute membership cards or coupons, either as hard copy or electronically.

  5. We will not promote discounts through fliers, coupons, banners, posters or other promotional material, either as hard copy or electronically.

  6. We will notify you via email when the discount is approved and posted. Note: It may take a few weeks to get the discount approved and posted.

  7. DCH reserves the right to decline a discount.


If you are interested in offering a discount to DCH employees, please complete the form below and fax to (205) 759-6031, or email the information to It can also be mailed to DCH Regional Medical Center (attn. Brad Fisher) at 809 University Blvd. E., Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.  If you have any questions, call (205) 759-7209.

DCH Health System Employee Discount Form

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